Norman Wells Claimant Corporation

The Norman Wells Claimant Corporation is the business arm of the Norman Wells Land Corporation. We are a streamlined, economically-driven corporation that represents the Land Corporation in Regional and Territorial business interests.

Norman Wells Claimant Corporation Board of Directors

Ed Hodgson Building


  • Cece McCauley


  • Sherry Hodgson


  • Ruby McDonald


  • Heidi Deschene

Executive Director

  • (Paul) Ren Xiang Tan


  • Jenny Pierrot
  • Amanda Mulyk
  • Edward Hodgson
  • Norman Hodgson Jr.
  • Todd McCauley

About the board

The NWCC Board of Directors is also the Board for the Norman Wells Land Corporation and Norman Wells Claimant Corporation. Board members are elected by the participants in the Sahtú Dené and Métis Land Claim Agreement. The president and vice-president are elected by the participants and the board appoint the other officers.

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